The Village is responsible for maintaining all financial records of the municipality.  Some specific areas include:

  • Preparing/issuing billings for property taxation;
  • Annual operating budgets and capital budgets;
  • Financial reports;
  • Preparing grant applications.


2019 Tax Rates





Tax Rate


Education Rate



Tax Rate

Residential    RT .01670064 .00161 .01831064
Multi Residential    MT .02551691 .00161 .02712691
Commercial Occupied CT .01837070 .01030 .02867070
Commercial Vacant Lands        CX .01285949 .00721 .02006949
Industrial     IT .01837070 .01030 .02867070


Residential Tax Bills and Installment Due Dates

Property owners will receive two tax bills during each year. An interim tax bill is sent in early March. It is based on 50% of the previous year’s taxes. A final tax bill is mailed in early August.

The due dates for 2019 are as follows:

March 30, 2019
August 31, 2019


Tax Bill Payment Options

  • Municipal Office, 3100 Bowker Street, Hilton Beach P0R 1G0;
  • Drop Box at the Municipal Office;
  • Mail;
  • On-line or Telephone Banking at some banks/credit unions;



The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for determining assessment values for all properties in the municipality. Questions regarding assessed values or the assessment appeal process should be directed to MPAC.

Telephone: 1-866-296-6722
Web Site:


2019 Operating Budget

The 2019 operating budget was adopted by Council and establishes the projected revenues and expenditures for the year.


2019 Operating Budget

2018 Operating Budget

2017 Operating Budget

2016 Operating Budget

2015 Operating Budget


Financial Reports

The Financial Reports are prepared by the Auditor and reflect the financial position of the municipality.

Financials 2018

Financials 2017

Financials 2016

Financials 2015

Financials 2014 (PDF)

Financials 2013 (PDF)


Asset Management Plan

An asset management plan is required to be developed for each municipality in Ontario to assist with long range planning for renewal and replacement of our capital assets. The Asset Management Plan for the Village of Hilton Beach can be accessed below.

Asset Management Plan 2015 (PDF)

Asset Management Plan 2015 Appendices (PDF)